Villas in Escape Nomade Tents v/s Villas in Concrete

The modernist concrete cube has become the go-to design for villas and hotel units around the world, what are the real differences between luxury tented villas by Escape Nomade and traditional construction?

Let’s consider some factors:

🗃 1. Structure

Escape Nomade Tented Villas

  • Tent may be placed on a concrete slab, wooden or composite deck
  • Minimal digging in the ground, No heavy machinery or debris produced
  • Maximum 7 days preparation time, with one small team of local workers

General Concrete Villas

  • All parts of the building need some kind of structure
  • Intense digging in the ground, Lots of heavy machinery and labour required
  • Average 60 days preparation time, with a large team comprising different skills, Intense coordination

💼 2. Building / Installation

Escape Nomade Tented Villas

  • Minimum 48 hours to set up a 25 sqm project once foundation is in place. Typical team consists of just six Local Installers + Escape Nomade Project Manager. We pre-ship the Foundation poles and provide all instruction and drawings needed.
  • A majority of the elements are metal and canvas. Additional wooden or glass doors are shipped by us in the same container as the Tented Villa. Many of our end-users have built units on their own, with occasional assistance from our Project Managers via phone or Skype.

General Concrete Villas

  • Every element needs some time to process or prepare- be it the windows, doors, walls, paint, framework and so on. An average timeframe for a 25 sqm villa would be 3-6 months, provided that all drawings and technical work in place.
  • Usually, the elements are sourced from a number of places and there needs to be intense coordination amongst them to ensure the right size, fit, finish etc.

⚒ 3. Construction and Parts

Escape Nomade Tented Villas

  • Made of modular elements, knock-down joinery, grid-based design.
  • 2.5 m standard unit length
  • Once setup, a tent can last +20 years without replacing elements, if maintained well.
  • Error-correction or changes in design can be made easily and quickly.

General Concrete Villas

  • Mostly custom elements, many sizes, shapes and designs are possible.
  • Fixed structure, mostly permanent parts. Error may be costly and stressful

🔍 4. Re-Construction, Re-Configuration

Escape Nomade Tented Villas

  • Shifting is a matter of days, All materials re-used, No waste left behind.
  • Wall Panels can be shuffled for a new entrance / new layout instantly.
  • Almost no disruption in operations
  • Almost no construction noise
  • Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Peaceful, No debris leftover
  • Canvas on highly exposed parts such as the roof, may require to be changed after 6-10 years, depending on the location and maintenance, and this can be simply ordered to us at a nominal cost. It can replace the old one in a matter of minutes. The old, discarded fabric may be sent to the parent company for specialized polyester recycling. We support you with this guilt-free replacement process.

General Concrete Villas

  • Needs  “destruction”
  • Takes weeks
  • Weather-dependent
  • Skilled-labour dependent, no scope for error
  • Tons of debris generated, debris disposable is costly/tedious/unsustainable
  • Disrupts operations if in a hotel, Causes inconvenience if in a private residence
  • Noisy, dusty and expensive

☑ 5. Return on Investment

Escape Nomade Tented Villas

  • If used as a commercial space to rent out as Luxury Accommodation, our tents have the potential to fetch almost twice the tariff that a similarly appointed traditional room can. Our tents have been in continual use all over the world for over 12 years now, in 25 countries.

  • Tented Villas still being a specialized niche, it is a more attractive property for someone to book. These Tented Villas are also effortlessly “Instagrammable” or photogenic, and this gives it additional value for today’s millenials who are looking for an experience to share with their global audiences.
  • Although they are not mobile units, it is possible to move the Tent from one location to another after several years in operation.
  • Our Tented Villas last 20 years or more with basic care and maintenance, just as is required by any general construction. It is possible to simply replace all the canvas after this timespan, and get a fresh look. It is also possible to change the interior layout to accommodate fresh needs.

General Concrete Villas

  • A concrete villa has the power to last for several decades if built well. It needs general maintenance from time-to-time, such as re-painting walls, repairing roof etc.
  • For renting out, it is a more competitive process as it is difficult to stand out from the crowd with a concrete villa, unless one or all of these factors are unique in it- Design, Aesthetic, Location, Additional Facilities, View etc
  • It is impossible to move the Villa from one location to another.

♻ 6. Sustainability

Escape Nomade Tented Villas

  • Our Canvas is re-cyclable, and is taken back by the manufacturer to re-process. We also use the Canvas to make new lifestyle products
  • Our Footprint is much lighter than other general construction methods, as digging is minimal, and the weight of the Tents is much less than other buildings
  • Our Cleaning system uses only natural materials
  • Re-Designing and Renovating are done in matter of minutes by shifting canvases, interchanging them, or ordering new styles to match your new layout
  • Debris produced is close to nil

General Concrete Villas

  • Generally, the materials used are not recyclable, and need to be broken or deconstructed in order to be disposed off.
  • Re-designing and Renovating can take a few weeks to months, and this could involve major construction even for a small task such as adding a new partition wall, or changing the position of a window, or adding a new AC.
  • There are high quantities of toxic debris produced, and this debris is thrown into water bodies, causing marine pollution. Also, one must pay someone to take away this debris, adding to the already expensive construction process.


An Escape Nomade Tented Villa is not for everyone; It is only for those who demand a high quality, environmentally responsible piece of unique architecture, a permanent and comfortable living or commercial space draped within the natural environment. It is for creative individuals who want to build their dream villa quickly, residing and operating within nature, rather than being cut off by glass and concrete.


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At Escape Nomade, we are advocates of “the new luxury”- A way of living where walls exist only when they need to… where we build our spaces around us… and where being in close contact with nature gives us energy to do all we want to.