Our Background, Products & Services

Since 2020-21, we are witnessing a rising boom in the awareness of “Glamping”.

This is both from guests, as well as from the number of individuals and resort-owners wanting to have a glamping extension to their existing infrastructure.

Many of these new Glamping enthusiasts are also first-time resort owners who are keen to have a back-to-nature concept nestled in eco-conscious prefab construction, which offers:

  • Accommodation larger than regular constructions and are easier to build
  • Have a unique charm & theme
  • Most importantly, they are centred around the local environment, natural hotspots and activities.

Luxury Tents are a highly popular choice for the building type, followed by designs in locally available materials like bamboo.

So what makes our products special? And what benefits does one have in choosing Escape Nomade as their Tent partner?


Here are some excerpts from our Press features:

1. Can you tell us about the background of your business and how long you have been trading?

Escape Nomade was started by Dutch designer and world traveller Anneke van Waesberghe, about 15 years ago when she was building her own brick-and-mortar home in Bali.

The home was never completed, but Anneke’s tented villas became iconic.

Friends, Families and High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNI’s) all heard about “the lady in tents” or “the jewel in the jungle”, and commissioned Anneke to design and produce villas for them.

Uma Thurman, was one of her first clients, who bought tents for a Bahamas property. Then came a spa in Bali, and the business grew from there.


Our Founder, Anneke van Waesberghe, at her Tented Residence in Bali

2. What type of structures do you offer?

Our tented villas are based on a dense internal metal framework made of galvanized marine-coated mild steel, which makes our villas comfortable & resilient for most weather conditions however extreme- from snow to rainy to desert.

They have an incredible temperature tolerance of (-20°C to +50°C).

Our fabrics & insulation layers are tied to these structures as independent components, which makes it very easy to:

  • Adjust layouts
  • Re-purpose the tented villas- such as going from a bedroom to a restaurant by changing the furniture and rolling up the panels to give a 360° view inside.
  • Replace parts (if ever desired)
  • Carry out annual maintenance
  • Move the tented villas within the same venue, or even to another country, with ease.

Modular structure with easy to adjust “walls”

Our structures are:

  • Resistant to mild storms with a highly competitive and rare-to-find windspeed of 170-175kmph, given that most ordinary tent suppliers have a rating of only 80-90kmph. We also have protocols on what steps to take if there is a hurricane, typhoon or approaching-storm warning announced.

One of our first projects- Done for actress Uma Thurman- at Harbour Island in the Bahamas

  • Earthquake-resistant We adjust our structures to be even more over-engineered than they already are, to be as strong as (if not less) than a traditional 1-storey building. Windspeed-resistance is a factor in earthquake safety, and in our tented villas, the wind-resistance is 170kmph.
  • We can however give an accurate recommendation only once we know the project location. This includes protocols on what steps to take if there is an earthquake warning announced.

Structured construction instead of tension, makes our Tented Villas far more stable

  • Snow-proof We have proofs of concept with our tented villas installed outside Tokyo in Japan, for Keikoku Glamping Resort. We also have a project in the Blue Mountains, Australia, for Turon Gates Mountain Eco-Retreat.

Tented Villas for snowy weather installed in Keikoku Glamping, Japan

  • Desert-proof We adjust our components to prevent damage from sandstorms and extreme heat.

Sandproof insulated walls & roof

  • Fire & Flame- Resistivity & Retardance Most of our materials have internationally recognized ratings. Given how many countries our products are successfully installed in, we have optimized and chosen only the most suitable materials that stand the test of time, weather and regulations.

Fireplace inside our Tented Villa at Turon Gates, Blue Mountains, Australia

Our Tented Villas thus have a rare level of engineering not usually seen in ‘tents’.

3. What are the top 5 advantages of working with you?

1. Our grid & building-like-foundation makes it possible to have some of the largest and strongest tented villas in the world (portfolio includes 25sqm – 500 sqm villas) while proudly being free of cables.

2. The interior is open plan, and it is very easy to add walls, doors, glass panels, bamboo, sun-roofs, and any non-tented elements with ease, which makes our product a perfect fit for:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Event venues
  • Banquets
  • Wedding sites
  • Beachclubs
  • High-end Dining

… rather than just accommodations.

3. Working with us, clients get more than a designer, more than a supplier, or an architect, or a consultant. With an inhouse 150+ team based in Bali, we are an almost one-stop shop, with our very own manufacturing facilities in Indonesia, allowing us to do immaculate QC (Quality Control), and provide 5-star Aftersales support.

4. Our founder, Dutch designer Anneke van Waesberghe, literally lives in her enviable tented villas in Bali, developing awe-inspiring “tent lifestyle & experience concepts” that make anyone who comes in, fall in love with the villas.

5. We are a “brand“.

We have a concept, a vision, a style benchmark.

We have our signature collections of decor- Lighting, Fixtures, Accessories, Wall Art and more.

We have our Experience Packages, which probably no other ordinary tent supplier has- We mean Picnic Baskets, Afternoon Tea Kits, Lunch Baskets, Dinner Kits and more.

We also have a massive library of concepts with untapped potential for any resort, with our Tented Villas and with supporting products, to become game-changing in their region, and become a brand.

3. What maintenance is required to keep your structures in best condition?

  • Our maintenance is less than or equal to a regular construction because our exterior fabric is “certified self-cleaning”.
  • This means if there is dust, dirt or specks of mildew appearing if in extremely humid climate, the unwanted particles will roll off the fabric, or get washed out with the rain.
  • One needs daily essentials such as sweeping, and opening the windows to keep the tented villas clean and well-aired.
  • We provide an ecofriendly maintenance toolkit free of charge with the tented villas, and an instructional video to train the staff.
  • For South-East Asia projects, we also have inhouse traveling maintenance teams who go to the project property and do a deep-cleaning & touch-up.


Tented Bathroom with all sanitaryware & decor designed & supplied by Escape Nomade

4. How long does it take to create and assemble your structures?

  • Design– Anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on the client.
    We have a number of presets clients can choose from, but clients usually customize some elements to finalize the design within 4 weeks.
  • Production– 8 weeks.
  • Shipping– 4 weeks.
  • Assembly– 1 week.
  • TOTAL– The tented villas could go from a concept, to ready-to-use on site, within 15-17 weeks, depending on the client’s inputs & schedule, and how busy we are with existing orders.

We have our own manufacturing & design facilities which makes our products exactly as per the initial proposed budget, on-time and quality-controlled.


Our Factory with 100+ employees- in Java, Indonesia

5. What is the lifespan of your structures and do you offer any warranties?

We have warranties ranging from 1yr-10yr based on the component.

Our tented villas easily last for 20yr or more with regular maintenance, as we are foreseeing with our own property and some of our very first clients’ properties that are in extreme locations.

From one of our first projects.

Location: Myanmar

6. Why is 'beige with brown' your chosen colour palette?

“Beige is atmosphere. It's bisque, it's ivory, it's cream, it's stone, it's toast, it's cappuccino. It's, well, it's magic.”

Our beige tone fabric is highly optimized, certified, branded and comes with warranties ranging 1yr – 10yr.

Functionally, we have chosen it because of its longevity & maintenance.

Aesthetically, we have chosen it because it is timeless, iconic and versatile, like a product from Harley Davidson, or Louis Vuitton. It fits in almost any geographic location, without feeling intrusive to the natural landscape.

Based on our trials, we have seen that in the darker ones, the fading from different weather conditions is so much that the fabric starts looking aged much before it should.

In the lighter ones, dirt is visible too easily. So this means more maintenance and more hassle, especially for a commercial venue.

Our favourite wood finishing is dark brown, which matches perfectly with the beige- appealing to one and all, no matter who, or where the location.

However we do recommend exploring our different palettes, as it can change the look of the villa dramatically. White-washed woods give a more contemporary Bohemian vibe, while dark brown polish give a rich colonial classic vibe.

We recommend all our clients who want something even more exclusive within an achievable budget, to go one step deeper and explore self-sourced furnishings and upholstery for certain furniture pieces, and even place some locally sourced artefacts within the villas & landscaping, based on the venue theme.

This is what gives each villa a personal touch and exclusive brand appeal.

“Luxury Colonial” – Gala Lima Resort, Bali

“Whitewashed Bohemian”- Khwan Beach Resort, Thailand

“Modern Minimal”- Kapuhala Wellness Resort, Koh Samui

7. Do you offer any services? What's included with your pricing?

We have a number of essential products & services “all included” in our prices, so that as a client you can consider us an almost one-stop-shop. This makes the process of developing your project smoother, quicker and on-time, without needing to coordinate between many vendors.

  • Our Architecture & Design team helps you with renders, layouts, master-planning, and interior concepts.
  • Our Sales & Marketing team helps you with Marketing Material or Presentations based on your project.
  • We give you Maintenance toolkits & instruction videos to train your staff
  • Our materials are branded and we provide you with warranties lasting from 1 to 10 years.
  • Our design is not just good looking, but also highly engineered so that you get a product which is longlasting, weatherproof, and tailored to your climate conditions.

Architectural Masterplanning & 3D Rendering are part of our service

Client Review

"With their snow tents, we can enjoy the full beautiful four-seasons of Tokyo in nature."

“It snows every winter in Hinohara village in Tokyo, and almost every year we get hit by typhoons here in Japan. We needed tents that could endure in these two rough natural conditions, and this snow tent was the one to overcome both challenges.

After Escape Nomade showed me how to install them, I took part in the installment process myself. That’s when I knew for sure how reliable this tent will be.

We installed heat insulation walls, it’s always warm and comfortable inside in combination with the use of a heater.

Last but not least, the appearance of the tent looks so elegant and aesthetic!”

– Mr. Yuma, Owner, Keikoku Glamping Resort, Japan

About The Author

At Escape Nomade, we are a pioneer in the field of eco-luxury resort design, having worked with dozens of resorts, boutique resorts, hotels, 5-stars and luxury homes across the world- Designing tented villas as well as experiences.

Our concept and values blend Dutch design, Indonesian architecture, English experiences and cultural nuances from around the world, especially Asia.

We are “Supplier Plus”- With our Tents, we provide you Experience Design, Consulting, Interior Design, Strategy, and several other services worth thousands of dollars, complimentary or at a nominal charge.

When you work with us, you get an army of dedication towards making your project come alive- One tent or forty, you get a full team.