Engineering & Performance

Setup Time

Installation Time

2 Days
Foundation in place + 6 Local Installers + Escape Nomade Project Manager
Step-by-step instruction video provided for self-setup

Projects Completed Worldwide


Premium Frame

Galvanized Steel Poles- Outside diameter range 3.2 mm to 8.9 mm, with wall thickness range 2 mm to 3.6 mm.
Wind Resistance upto 170 KmH.

Light Frame

Galvanised Steel Poles- Outside diameter range 2.9 mm to 6 mm, with wall thickness range 2 mm to 2.8 mm.
Wind Resistance upto 90 KmH.

Installed in

Years Experience

Roof- 4 Layers

Exterior Layer

Color Fastness UV: Class 8 ISO 105 B02 Standard.
Warranty: 5 years limited, provided by the manufacturer
Finish: Waterproof and UV-resistant acrylic coating exposed side. Self-cleaning, water-resistant throughout.

2nd Layer

PVC Tarpaulin- 410 Gram/m2 weight


Crosslinked Polyolefin Foam with laminated pure aluminium foil
5-10mm thickness.
High corrosion resistance.
Resistance to Fungi: ASTM G21 Zero growth
Fire Rating BS 476 Part 6 & 7- Class 0
Total R Value – 2,9m KW

Ceiling Fabric

Inherently FR Polyester offwhite– 185 grams
Flammability NFPA701


UV, Resistant to: Chemicals, Saltwater, Extreme Weather, Acid-Rain

Bamboo Pole Cover

Bamboo thickness 1 cm, with 6 weeks of natural and chemical treatment.


YKK Japan

Tent Lifespan

20+ years is the estimated lifespan of an Escape Nomade tent, provided it is maintained well.
25+ years: Expected lifetime of our galvanized Metal Frame
5 years: Limited warranty on the Roof Exterior Layer
5 years: Limited warranty on each Wall Panel


Tented Villas v/s Concrete Structures



Only for Deck, MEP, Landscaping


2 months
Various Teams, Intense Coordination



2 Days
Foundation in place + 6 Local Installers + Escape Nomade Project Manager


Every element has a time-consuming process to prepare.



Knock-Down, Grid-Based, Modular (setup time 2 days if foundation is in place)


Fixed, Takes from weeks to years, Error is costly

Re-Construction, Re-Configuration


Shifting is a matter of days, All materials re-used, No waste left behind.
Wall Panels can be shuffled for a new entrance / new layout instantly.

Almost no disruption in operations, or construction noise

Sustainable, No debris leftover


Needs ``destruction``, takes weeks, weather-dependent, skilled-labour dependent, debris generated, debris disposable is costly/tedious/unsustainable, chances of human error are high.

Disrupts operations if in a hotel, Causes inconvenience if in a private residence

Noisy, dusty and expensive

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