We are Designers and Manufacturers of Luxury Tented Villas.

Our Tents are semi-permanent, and heavy-duty. They are based on a strong and dense metal framework, building-inspired foundation, and high-quality weatherproof fabrics, tested over years in different countries. Once installed, and maintained (as much as is required in any other building), the Tents last for years.


In addition to Resorts and Residences, our semi-permanent structures are used as Spas, Hotel-Lobbies, Restaurants, Event-Venues, Swimming Pool areas and more. The spaces are multifunctional and flexible; changing over time, growing to meet expanding needs. Our tents have already been installed in more than 30 countries.

Tent Models

Tent sizes range from 25m2 to 450m2. All are available with insulation, platforms, wood & glass doors, and a choice of roof designs. As add-ons, they can have luxurious independent or extended bathrooms. We make it easy for Electricals and Plumbing to be added by the client.


Add Doors and Fixed Walls anywhere. Sliding Glass doors are add-ons, made with responsibly-sourced Teak Wood frames. For extra privacy and cold weather protection, fixed opaque walls matching the canvas may be added.


Bathrooms and ensuite extensions with character, feel and ambience. On larger Tents, bathrooms may be installed directly inside, separated from the bedroom area by walls or wooden doors. Another option is to add an adjoining extensions with outdoor shower/bathtub + indoor WC and Vanity.


An Insulation layer is given in the roof and canvas walls. In hot climates, this insulation layer works against the Sun's heat, while the natural design of the Tent roof enhances cross-ventilation. In cold climates, the Tent roof is designed with a closed vent, while the insulation works to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.


Flooring and Platforms: Our smaller Tents can be installed on concrete blocks with no further foundation. Larger Tents use embedded concrete footings, slabs, or steel platforms. Flooring is usually hardwood or textured cement. Natural tile, rammed earth, or polished concrete are unique options. As an add-on product, we provide steel platforms, and Teak or WPC decking.


We also offer a range of Furniture & Décor crafted locally, with highest quality natural materials, including teak wood and rattan.

Shipping, Assembly and Installation

A Tent from us is shipped in labelled-boxes in a container.
Our client can set it up with a local Architecture team, or have the Escape Nomade Installation Team to come over and install it. We provide detailed step-by-step videos of:


  • Pricing

    Please get in touch with us via the Consultation Form

  • Every Tent Purchase includes:

    • Chosen Base Tent Model- with Galvanized steel frame, Modular roof, Lockable wall panels, Bamboo covers for poles
    • Personalized Project Consultation
    • Step-by-step self-installation demo video
    • Cleaning & Maintenance kit
    • Scaffolding for installation

    Download this information brochure for details

  • Add-on Services and Products

    • Site visit, Initial site plan, Layout Design
    • Product Selection Assistance– Tent size, model, usage optimization, climate-consideration, clientele-focussed-design,
    • Feasibility Study
    • Technical Support– Schematic drawings, MEP consultation, HVAC consultation, Decks & Platforms, Plumbing, Lighting, Doors & Walls
    • On-site installation by Escape Nomade Team
    • Additional Tent features, such as decorative canopies
    • Interior Design– Signature Escape Nomade Furniture & Décor
  • What is prepared by the client

    The land, foundation, MEP. We will provide schematic drawings if required.

  • Lifespan & Warranty

    20+ years. Please click here for a detailed analysis.

  • Shipping, Assembly & Installation

    Our tents come in labelled components in sequenced boxes in a shipping container, along with a clear step-by-step self-installation video. With a nominal fee, our team helps on-site.

  • Custom Design

    Please get in touch with us via the Consultation Form.

  • Cleaning & Maintenance

    Tents are maintained with regular cleaning just as in any other building. We provide you with a step-by-step instruction video, and all the tools and solvents required for the same.

  • Safety Concerns

    Our roll-down panels have lockable zippers. The wooden doors have locks.

  • Noise Concerns

    Noise levels are experiences same or lower, than in any other built structure. Green-walls or Bamboo fences help absorb the sounds from the surroundings. Our metal structures are well-padded with multiple layers of fabric, so rain does not clammer against them.

  • Weather Concerns

    The seasons are experienced similar to any other built structure. Electricals are added in a standard fashion, so AC and fans can be used to negate heat. Roofs are designed for efficient ventilation and reduced temperatures. They have double-layer insulation against the elements.

  • Electricity

    Installed same as in any other building. AC, fans, mechanical equipment, water-heaters etc.

  • Plumbing

    Installed same as in any other building- Inlet pipes, Outlet pipes etc.

  • Material Treatments

    Our fabric is coated on one side with anti-fungal, UV-resistant acrylic resin, reinforcing its water-resistant properties. This protects well against intense climate variations and pollution. It has the “Self-Cleaning, inspired by nature” certificate, based on European standards.

    This Permaclean fabric finish mimics the natural properties of a leaf, wherein water rolls off the surface, carrying with it debris, insects and dust. Rain or simple rinsing is sufficient to clean the fabric.

    For detailed information on other materials, please click here.

  • Drawings & Plans

    Upon request, we assist with standard schematic drawings of plumbing and electricity.