Our Process

At Escape Nomade, we are committed to getting your project come alive & thrive. When we design some of the strongest, evergreen, and lightest-footprint Tented Villas for you, we design something marvelous for the world to mesmerize upon.

Our process of work is centred between three key elements:

Excellent Customer Service

Before and after your Project

Tailormade Design

Premium, Practical and Experiential

5 Star Product Quality

Branded materials, Building-like strength

“3 years ago, we began building a boutique eco-resort in Bali and knew that some of our accommodations would be luxury safari tents. After an extensive search we decided on Escape Nomade because their tents are beautifully designed, with an almost obsessive attention to detail and use materials that are long lasting. Our guests rave about their tents and the follow up service we’ve received from Escape Nomade has been excellent."

– Alexander Scott

Owner, Sebatu Eco Sanctuary, Bali


We follow 4 steps to take your project from paper to profit.

1. Discovery & Introduction

In this phase, we discuss your Project, Teams, Scope of Work, Tent sizes, Add-on features, Customizations, Layout, Experiences and other details.
If you are in Bali, we welcome you to experience our flagship site in Ubud, Bali, to show you everything we do, and how we do it. We have 7 tented villas there, all of different kinds, so you can ‘feel’ your purchase before you make it.
If you’re elsewhere, we get on a call with you to share information and discuss your project. We endeavour to help you with all that we can.

Partial drone-view of our Sanctuary in Ubud, Bali

2. Design & Proposal

We send you complimentary Renders, Designs and Ideas for your project.
We include a tailormade Quote, with estimate prices to your shipping port and container load-plans as necessary. We assign a dedicated Architect to your project at this stage, even before it commences, so you always have a consistent point of contact.
Our team works hands on with every client in any part of the world. We pride ourselves in this involvement, as with every new project we are able to provide more real-world insights and practical details.

Realistic render sample for your project 

3. Manufacturing & Delivery

Once you approve our Proposal and Quotation, and send us a down-payment, we start producing your Tented Villas. On average, production takes 5 weeks.
Delivery, if outside Indonesia, takes 4 weeks to your shipping port.
From there, all you have to do is arrange for the shipping container to be delivered to your site, and then install the tents.

Hand-stitching some of the strong canvas architecture in the world

4. Installation & Maintenance

Installation takes 4 days for a small tent, and 7 days for a full-size tent, with 4 workers on site.
Most of the work is about heavy-lifting the metal structural elements and interlocking them in place, just like Lego units on a larger scale. The other work is about tying the canvas and fabric unit to the metal frame. This is just like tying several shoe-laces- That’s how easy we’ve designed it to be.

We mock install every single tent, before we ship

It’s smarter to install, when while we manufacture, you’ve prepared your building foundation, electrical and plumbing lines on site.
We help you with drawings and videos based on your needs. When you do this preparation, on arrival of your tents, the architectural civil work is already over, and the structural elements of our tents simply slide into your foundation blocks. From here, it’s a matter of days until you can start enjoying your tents for years to come.
Our team helps you remotely throughout your project, via emails, Skype sessions, or WhatsApp calls. We also have our special crew going to your site upon request, to do the installation for you. 70% of our clients have not needed this add-on service and have installed the tents with our easy-to-understand instructional demo video.

We help you to prepare your Tent foundation, while your Tents are being shipped to you

Maintenance is just like in any other general construction- Involving regular sweeping and dusting.
Our fabrics are:
  • Weatherproof
  • Stain-resistant
  • Certified ‘self-cleaning’

This reduces workload and additional efforts usually needed to maintain canvas. We provide cleaning kits with every purchase, which include carefully designed products for every component of the tent- From the spot-remover to the XL broom, from the safety harness to clean the roof, to the dusting brush. Our solid 1 hour training video will help your train your staff, effortlessly and stress-free!

Products included with our Tent Cleaning Kit

Additional Services

Site Visit

With industry experts from our team

On-site Installation

With our technical team going to your property

On-site Maintenance

With our experienced team doing the work for you

Initial Site-Plan

To mark zones and prepare a working layout for the Tents

Experience Design

To keep guests engaged and immersed in your resort

Interior Design

Preliminary design with 3D renders depicting the specific interior concept

Schematic Drawings

Preliminary drawings for electrical and plumbing lines for your Tented Villas

Watch This Video For More Information