We are a Designer and Manufacturer of Luxury Tented Villas. At our flagship property, we not only showcase our various designs and architecture marvels, but also offer a series of experiences, including private exclusive stay overnight, and unique day events such as picnics, thus empowering you to imbibe the spirit of our exclusive "Living Without Walls" lifestyle.

Our niche “Experiences” are akin to stepping onto an Out of Africa film set, back into a bygone era of gentility, impeccable service and sumptuous comforts under canvas and out in the wilds. Immerse yourself in our Living Without Walls lifestyle, today!

By Reservation Only.

Dining Within Tent

"Arrival at the property is through two large, carved Balinese doors where you are welcomed with a bamboo fan and hat before being led along a wooden boardwalk with lush grasses and palm trees lining either side of the path. The experience honestly feels like you have stepped onto the set in a scene from Out of Africa!"

-We Are Travel Girls

Royal High Tea

Here we were greeted by the cheers of the occasional white water rafter as well as a staff of six, tending to us like a Maharaja. I felt very spoilt to be sitting under the shade of a handheld parasol, the river ebbing at my side... my feet in a petal bath.

-Little Travel Princess

Afternoon Picnic by the River

"The romance of the evening is conjured thanks to the bamboo lights, candles and transparency to the surroundings, casting shadows of you with your partner. You will find total harmony and peace, as it feels like a home nestled in the lap of mother nature!"

-Now Bali

Photoshoot in Tents

"Escape Nomade is actually a designer of luxury tents and they have built their sanctuary as a wonderful showroom where people can experience their creations and transported inside the wonderful movie that was “Out of Africa” (only in Bali).

I took the opportunity to showcase some of my collection in that beautiful setting before getting some time to enjoy a wonderful evening."

-Lovely Pepa

One Night in a Tent

" This "tent" is more like a palace. I always dreamed to do a safari in such a tent, but to stay in it on Bali is not too bad either. All is super clean, stylish and I never had such a comfy bed in any airbnb: it's ridiculously comfy and big! I would absolutely recommend this wonderful place. "

-Review on AirBnB

" .. An ultra-chic hidden gem, offering first-hand encounters of the refined high-life in "Tented Villas", intensely secluded amidst rice fields, high up on the Ayung River.. "