“.. Escape Nomade creates bespoke pavilions that clients can install on their own properties.. One of the most alluring aspects of Escape Nomade’s versatile tents is their eco-friendliness. “The bioclimatic design of the tented villas ensures maximum comfort and uses little energy.. ”


“.. Escape Nomade are ready to plant their five star tents in any natural setting. Escape Nomade is a simple concept: the joys of camping with a few home comforts as an added bonus. Founded in 2013 in Bali by Anneke van Waesberghe, this luxury tent company can transform any stretch of wilderness into a tiny habitable paradise. .. “


“.. Escape Nomade is actually a designer of luxury tents and they have built their sanctuary as a wonderful showroom where people can experience their creations and transported inside the wonderful movie that was “Out of Africa” (only in Bali :)).. “


“.. this ethereal experience a small stroll up the path leads you to a high tea ceremony accompanied by a delicious selection of savoury and sweet treats to indulge in. A choice of Ayurvedic Teas to balance your doshas or body temperament are recommended. ..”


“.. Escape Nomade delivers the tented structure and interiors anywhere in the world and can help with the installation in a day (independent energy and water supply systems can be provided separately).. A classic-oriented design, these luxury tents exude romance and colonial-era decadence, and made with earthy tone high quality fabrics, perfectly blend-in with the natural surrounds it eventually calls “home.”   ..”

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