Royal High Tea

Escape Nomade believes in retaining the old world luxury of lying down peacefully in a sunny afternoon in nature,

... taking time out from the world to sip a generous cup of steeping tea.

Royal High Tea presents our guests with a hand picked bouquet of flavours and aromas, set amidst towering palms, wild birdsong, and of course, our signature tented villas.

While basking in nature and the company of old friends, we will take you down to our riverfront for a balinese foot massage, followed by a sumptuous high tea in our well appointed dining tent and lounge.

3.00 pm

Arrival and reception with cool Rosewater Towel and Lemon Water

3.15 pm

Full body massage

3.30 pm

Flower Foot Bath and Fresh Juices by the river

4.30 pm

High Tea with Sweet treats and Hors d’oeuvres served inside our luxury tent

5.30 pm

Select yoga or Balinese dancers

6.30 pm

10 minute walk to the Temple

7.00 pm


drinking tea is like travelling
in time, to a land unknown,
with people divine & spirited

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