Estimated Tent Life
-with good maintenance-

Each component is replaceable. These tents are future proof.

Traditional tent manufacturers cut costs by constructing walls and ceiling from a single stitched piece. Any rip or tear means all of the fabric must be replaced.

With Escape Nomade tents, the ceiling, roof, and walls can all be changed out independently. This makes our tents lighter on the environment and the pocketbook over the course of their long lives.

Expected Lifetime
on the metal framework

Long lasting, heavy duty frames.

At up to two tonnes, our frames are heavy! Engineered to withstand winds of up to 175 Kmh (108 Mph), galvanised and coated in marine paint, they are tough as well.

Additionally, the frames are entirely covered in all weather fabric. The only exposed metal components are the stainless steel rings that at each pole to lock the wall panels.

Limited Warranty
on the roof's exterior layer
Limited Warranty
on the wall panels

Easy to maintain and resistant to staining.

Our fabrics are high quality self cleaning acrylics. Oil and dirt rests on the outside where it can easily be washed off.

For smaller tents, the roof can be brushed off from the ground. For larger tents, the frame will support the weight of a worker for leaf removal. The cotton ceilings may be removed from inside for seasonal washing.

All tents come with Complete Cleaning Kit, including:
- Tools
- Brooms in different sizes
- Safety Harness & Hats
- Solvents
- Demo video