The Feeling

"Outstandingly stylish tents with a touch of magic,

Escape Nomade experiences bring you deep into nature’s living space."

-Now Bali

"Escape Nomade epitomizes the spirit of a refined nomadic lifestyle

Freed-up from living with solid walls, in harmony with nature and being environmentally and socially responsible yet with all luxurious comforts intact

Escape Nomade’s luxury tents are not camping per se, rather a semi-permanent canvas structure for lifetime use "

-The Yak, Bali

"One of the most alluring aspects of Escape Nomade’s versatile tents is their eco-friendliness.

The bioclimatic design of the tented villas ensures maximum comfort and uses little energy…cool air is harvested from underneath the deck or bed, while hot air escapes via cross-ventilated spaces and the double-roof ventilation system. This integrated cooling system very often makes air conditioning unnecessary.

-Architectural Digest, USA

"A unique vision of luxury and authenticity that allows us the extraordinary experience of going deep into nature, yet living in comfort.

Structural tents made to measure for each client, not only produced with the highest quality fabrics but also an impeccable level of design, details, finishings and colour palettes to reflect those found in nature.
- Eluxe Magazine