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Escape Nomade produces and installs Luxury Tented Villas, which are used as Beach clubs, Resorts, Residences, Restaurants, Rooftop Attractions, Beach houses, Hillside Villas, Event Venues, Beach Bungalows, Weekend Homes, Bars and Spas across the world.

With each Tent purchase, we provide you with a "Self-Installation Video", meaning you can easily install the tented villa under your own supervision, with a team of 6 local workers within 2 days, if foundation is already ready on site. ('Foundation' usually refers to small concrete blocks, embedded in the ground as per your layout, and short metal poles, shipped by us long before you receive the tent).

With each purchase, we also provide you with a "Step-by-Step Cleaning and Maintenance Instruction Video", and a specific toolkit, containing everything you need to keep your tent looking like new.

More Excerpts Below:

Metal Frame Installation

Expected Lifetime
on the metal framework
The USP of an Escape Nomade tent is in its powerful combination of aesthetics, strength and durability. The metal framework is dense, and weighs up to 2 tonnes per tent, while occupying half a shipping container. It seamlessly takes the weight of few persons, who can stand/walk on it for cleaning or installation.
Galvanized Steel Poles- Outside diameter range 3.2 mm to 8.9 mm, with wall thickness range 2 mm to 3.6 mm. Wind Resistance upto 170 KmH.

Wall Panels Installation

Limited Warranty
on the wall panels

Roof Fabric Installation

Limited Warranty
on the roof's exterior layer
An Escape Nomade tent has 4 layers in the roof: Interior Fabric, Insultation, Terpaulin, Exterior Fabric.
The exterior fabric is stain-resistant and certified as self-cleaning based on European testing standards, meaning that the dirt rolls off with the application of water. Some gentle brushing completes the cleaning process.
The metal frame inside supports the weight of a worker for leaf removal. The cotton ceilings may be removed from inside for seasonal washing.

Eave Fabric Installation

Cleaning & Maintenance Process

Estimated Tent Life
-with good maintenance-
Our fabrics are high quality self cleaning acrylics. Oil and dirt rests on the outside where it can easily be washed off.
All tents come with Complete Cleaning Kit, including:
- Tools
- Brooms in different sizes
- Safety Harness & Hats
- Solvents
- Demo video

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