Glamping- The Roaring Opportunity in Hospitality

The word ‘glamping’ – short for ‘glamorous camping’ – first appeared in the year 2005. In over a decade, the ‘glamping’ trend has developed into its own category of travel. According to the American Glamping Association – it is “now is entering a new era, an era that sees it become more mainstream.”

So what is Glamorous Camping?

As the name suggests, this activity is all about staying in nature, but with all comforts of the modern world- AC, Wifi, Electricity, Luxury Bathrooms, Charging Points, Large Bedrooms and so on.

As a Hospitality Business-Owner, what you need to know:

🛎️ WHY the Demand for Glamping is Surging

Like it or not, today’s traveller, of any age, is looking for experiences that are Instagrammable, memorable, close to nature, all-sensory and soaked in the comforts of classic luxury. Glamping is a balanced combination of all these features.

The concept has already shown strong uptake, especially in the US, UK and Australia:

  • In a survey conducted by the UK based travel site Familybreakfinder, nearly a third of the respondents said that they would love to try glamping near them.
  • As per Virtuoso’s 2019 luxe report the travellers’ appetite for unconventional, instagrammable accommodations is on the rise.
  • The Instagram feeds of the Forbes’ top travel influencers, including Chudney Ross and Samantha Gutstadt – apart from being responsible for directly impacting the growth – are further proof of the ascent of glamping from a niche segment into a popular travel experience.

⛺ Marriott has Entered the Glamping Market

  • The world’s largest hotel company, Marriott International has opened its first glamping resort in Indonesia.
  • In 2017 Marriott collaborated with the Coachella Music festival to offer its new luxury tents.
  • The very next year, Marriott returned to the famed festival with its glamping yurts.

🌏 Hospitality Industry Veterans are Backing Glamping

  • Peter Mack worked with Starwoods Hotels & Resorts for over 10 years before founding Collective Hotels & Retreats.
  • In 2017, former president of global development of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Simon Turner joined Collective Hotels & Retreats as an investor and an advisor.
  • The company recently announced further additions to its executive team with the appointment of Kerry Houghton, a 15-year hospitality industry veteran.

📣 is a popular choice for Glamping Reservations

  • 🙌 Over 1.8 million glamping sites are listed on, the world’s number one site for hotel bookings. The most popular glamping resort on was booked over 91 times in 24 hours.

☝️ How Investors are Betting big on Glamping

  • The US Glamping industry is estimated to reach $1 Billion in revenue by 2024, growing at a promising CAGR of +15%. The boom in this industry is fuelled by the influx of capital into disruptive, fast-growing glamping startups.
  • Collective Hotels & Retreats, an experiential travel firm with five retreats across US, is one such start-up that received $10 million of funding in 2017.
  • Under Canvas, US’s largest glamping company, raised $17 million in 2018. One of the highest and most recent multi-million dollar funding round was secured by Autocamp. It received $115 million from a fundraising deal led by the real estate private equity firm Whitman Peterson. Autocamp plans to use this money to build a US-wide network of glamping resorts fashioned from Airstream trailers. The team comprises many experienced leaders, one of them being Mark Belhuemer who comes with 45 years of hospitality experience.
  • The investor sentiment is positive in Europe as well, where a Spain based global online booking platform Glampinghub.comraised over $1 million in seed funding and has reported a triple-digit annual sales growth since its inception in 2013.

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