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Premier fabricant mondial de tentes de luxe

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the fabric affected by rain, direct sun and other environmental factors ?

Our fabric is coated on one side with an anti-fungal, UV-resistant acrylic resin, reinforcing its water-resistant properties. This material is particularly suitable for permanent installations with high exposure to climate changes and pollution.

Our fabric has also received the “Self-Cleaning, inspired by nature” certificate. The tests performed to obtain this certificate rely on European standards and prove the full performance and efficiency of the new Permaclean self-cleaning treatment.

The design of our Permaclean fabric finish is made to mimic the natural properties of a forest leaf. In nature, the microscopic structure of the plant surface, covered with numerous super hydrophobic small bumps of the order of several microns, encourages water to roll off the surface of the leaf, carrying with it debris, insects and dust. Similarly, the Permaclean finish contains nanoparticles that, once applied on the fabric, assemble to form an extremely dense protective layer that keeps dirt on the surface. Rain or simple rinsing is sufficient to clean the fabric.

What kind of warranty does Escape Nomade offer on its tents?

Our tents are made for permanent living, and as any other permanent house we offer 1 year full warranty.

What is included with a basic tent?

All of our tent clients receive the professional assistance of our in house architectural team. An architect is assigned to each client based on the nature of the project, which they will personally guide to completion. Upon delivery, each tent includes; a galvanized steel frame, pre-made roof and wall panels of high quality textile, wooden poles for the canopies, bamboo covers for the supporting poles and other finishing elements, video and set up instructions, ongoing maintenance kit, and scaffolding for initial installation.

What is not included with an Escape Nomade tent?

Platforms, decks, electrical wiring, and plumbing are not included, as well as doors and interiors. However we offer several solutions that can be ordered separately.

How is shipping and packing handled?

All catalog pricing is ex works, from our factories and workshops in Bali and Java. Before shipping each tent is installed in the factory for a final inspection. After inspection each component is packed into protected wooden crates, for which we charge a packing fee of 2.5% of the total order. Shipping is arranged by Escape Nomade and invoiced directly to the client.

How are the tents installed?

Our tents and interiors are packed in order to facilitate easy installation. We provide a detailed installation video as well as scaffolding. Our tents have been successfully installed alone by clients around the world. However for large projects, we provide Project Manager / set up team for the instalation.